Conference, Pangdam Cenderawasih: Soldiers’ Acts of Violence are Unlawful and the TNI Has Never Implemented Violent Procedures

Pangdam XVII/Cenderawasih Major General TNI Izak Pangemanan, M.Han held a press conference regarding the circulation of video clips of acts of violence allegedly carried out by TNI soldiers against one of the residents suspected of being affiliated with the KKB at the Denma Subdenma TNI Headquarters, Jl.  Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta, Monday (25/3/2024).

This was conveyed by Kapendam XVII/Cenderawasih Lieutenant Colonel Inf Candra Kurniawan, S.E., M.M in his statement.

A number of officials, including the Head of the TNI Information Center (Kapuspen), Major General TNI Dr.  R. Nugraha Gumilar, S.E., M.Sc., and Head of the Army Information Service (Kadispenad) Brigadier General Kristomei Sianturi, S.Sos., M.Si.  (Han) were present at the press conference

At the beginning of this press conference, the Head of the TNI Information Center (Kapuspen), Major General TNI Dr.  R. Nugraha Gumilar, S.E., M.Sc., explained the results of the interim examination of the video of the abuse of prisoners allegedly carried out by soldiers against a member of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Papua named Definus Kogoya.

In the same place, Pangdam XVII/Cen revealed various acts of terror and atrocities by the KKB against the community and the TNI and Polri security forces, including the burning of public facilities and residents’ houses by the KKB, so that people took refuge in TNI posts.

Furthermore, regarding the viral video of acts of violence by unscrupulous TNI soldiers, the Military Commander deeply regrets that this happened, which should not have happened in resolving problems in Papua.

“Actions of violence violate the law, especially since the TNI has never implemented violent procedures in carrying out its duties. Instead, the TNI has implemented good relations and communication procedures with the community and built trust with the community, including involving the community in development,” explained the Military Commander.

“Due to this act of violence, TNI soldiers were investigated. Therefore, Kodam XVII/Cen took steps, namely forming an Investigation Team which is currently working as a form of law enforcement process,” said the Military Commander.

The Military Commander also emphasized that his party would thoroughly investigate the problem.

“No one can escape here. Everyone involved will be punished according to applicable law,” said the Military Commander.

Regarding the inspection mechanism, the Military Commander revealed that his party had collaborated with Kodam III/Siliwangi and was followed up by Pomdam III/Siliwangi by carrying out inspections of the Soldiers.

At this press conference, the Military Commander apologized to the Papuan people for the acts of violence committed by TNI Soldiers.

“On behalf of the TNI, I admit that this action is not justified, this action violates the law and tarnishes the TNI, this action tarnishes efforts to handle the conflict in Papua. For this reason I apologize to the Papuan people,” said Major General Izak.

“We will continue to work so that incidents like this do not happen again in the future. We will increase supervision of the Task Forces carrying out their duties in the Papua region and encourage the legal process of this case, because compensation for the Papuan people is justice so that  Papuan people can get justice.”

“We will provide the fairest possible justice to the Papuan people. For this reason, the legal process can be accessed by anyone, including the community,” concluded the Military Commander.

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